What are you up to this weekend?

For the fourth consecutive year, the City of Philadelphia will host the annual Cheesesteak & Food Fest. Um, where else would it be?!?

The party’s this Saturday, October 13th starting at 1:00 PM (noon for VIPs) and raging until 6:00.

After a few years at the Ballpark, the Fest has a new home: the 2300 Arena (2300 S. Swanson St, Philadelphia, PA 19148), inside the legendary boxing venue, as well as outside where the Vendor Area will be the center of the food action. It’s a great spot—maybe you’ve been to the Wing Fest or another gig? Plenty of parking, great bar area for guests 21+, outdoor fun and games, a couple stages for live music, and more.

So the venue may be new, but the point remains the same: you come to taste tons of mouth-watering cheesesteaks—classic and creative—flex your Philly pride, and have fun with friends and family. (And if you know anyone who can’t make it, go ahead and make them jealous!)

We have a new surprise this year to help attendees capture and share some memorable selfies. Let’s just say it was inspired by the World-Champion Philadelphia Eagles, the NCAA Champ Villanova Wildcats, and one Jason Kelce. (Don’t worry…we’re keeping it clean and family-friendly.)

This magical event is an annual affair, so don’t miss out! You can get more info at the Fest’s website.

As we like to say when this event gets close, “PREPARE TO FEAST!”

See you down there.



If you’re curious what the Cheesesteak Fest is all about, check out our recap and photos from last year’s event.