So this year’s installation of the Philly Cheesesteak & Food Fest is in the books.

Judging by the smiles (and cheesy crumbs) on people’s faces, the event was another solid success, and a delicious way to spend a Saturday in October.

Put simply, the 2018 Fest was just right.

The crowd was heavy…but not so packed that you couldn’t move freely. There were couples, families, big groups, and even some cheesesteak hunters flying solo, all coming together in one spot on one day to devour cheesesteaks by the collective ton.

Some of the food lines were long…but not too long—just enough of a wait to let you know you were going to get something great.

The weather was cool…but not too chilly. The Fall afternoon temps were perfect for jeans and a sweatshirt or long tee (and no sweating).

The venue was smaller than the Ballpark…but by no means tight. 2300 Arena had plenty of room for a couple dozen food vendors, games inside and out, our giant Philly-proud photo station, live music, and other tasty fun.

Thanks to all the guests who stopped by to chat, put their short-term memory to the test by playing our cheesesteak-themed Match game, pose for some pics in front of our huge “City of Cheesesteaks & Champions” backdrop, grab an Original Philly magnet or two, or give a quick wave on their way to the ‘steaks in our Vendor Area. (Who could blame them if they were in a bit of a hurry to get to the grub?)

See you at the 5th (!) Annual Cheesesteak Fest next year.