We didn’t invent the cheesesteak.  Truth is, we came along about 50 years after that magical moment.

But we had the original idea of supplying restaurants, pizza and sub shops, delis, and concessions with the cheesesteak’s core ingredient—crafting the perfect steak slices for their creations, and saving them serious time, money, and hassle.

Our innovative contributions didn’t stop with that supply chain breakthrough.  Just as revolutionary is the system we’ve developed to significantly scale our production without compromising our craftsman-like approach and commitment to the finest quality meats.

Original Philly carved out early success based on exceptional quality and dependability—core values instilled by our company’s founders.

And as opportunities to grow have continued to present themselves—more products, more customers, more markets, etc.—we’ve maintained that emphasis on precision craftsmanship while significantly increasing our output to serve customers all over the world.

We’re experts and innovators, passionate about end-to-end excellence—from the best natural ingredients, to safe and clean facilities, advanced equipment, highly trained staff, and finely tuned procedures.

We’ve earned our success through an unyielding dedication to quality since Day One—always paying close attention to the subtleties and nuances that separate the copycats and wannabes from the Original.