Friday, March 24th, baby! The day our great nation celebrates one of its most delicious contributions to the world. The day we anticipate like it’s a springtime counterpart to Christmas. The day our mouths water like Niagara Falls, waiting to chomp into the delicacy of honor.

Of course you can get into the spirit by rocking your cheesesteak hat, debating the “wit’ or wit’out?” dilemma with friends and colleagues, and/or road tripping to Passyunk Avenue to commemorate the glorious place where it all began.

But the best way to celebrate? Dig into an authentic, freshly prepared, hot and juicy cheesesteak with Original Philly beef or chicken smack dab in the center of the action. Naturally!

Yeah, we’re biased—but we’re hardly the only ones who feel this way. For 36 years, Original Philly has been a respected stamp of authenticity, in our hometown and literally around the globe. Our products epitomize the flavor, feel, and experience that define what a real Philly cheesesteak should be.

Lots of steak shops, pizzerias, and delis around our city, as well as eateries in places like L.A. and Texas (where they know their beef!), join the party by giving away free steak sandwiches, hosting eating contests, and so on.

However you choose to celebrate, just make sure you don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to satisfy your carnivorous craving.

If you’re the DIY type (or happen to be located somewhere an authentic Philly cheesesteak just isn’t available) and want help with a recipe—classic or creative—stop by the “Prep School” feature on our website for ideas and cooking tips.

And if you need a full rundown on preparing your own celebratory feast, check out our Cheesesteaks 101 section as well as our How to Cook Up a Real Philly Cheesesteak guide to get the skinny from a bona fide cheesesteak expert and devotee.

Happy #NationalCheesesteakDay, friends! Let’s eat!