Have you ever been to the National Restaurant Association Show?  As you may know, it’s one of the food industry’s biggest events every year—quite a spectacle, with many of the world’s top food brands on full display.

Original Philly was back in Chicago this year, proudly showing off the authentic Philly beef and chicken cheesesteak products that have been making mouths water around the globe since the early ‘80s.

Each year, we pack up what is essentially a mobile steak shop and gear up for a four-day feast.  Our customized booth has a full-service grill, fridge, cutting boards, heat lamps, spatulas, you name it.  Plus we ship out all the ingredients straight from the City of Brotherly Love to the Windy City (more on that below).

Technically, it’s work, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  We cooking and serving up hand-held meat-and-cheese masterpieces, and spreading the pure joy of Original Philly cheesesteaks to the thousands (yes, THOUSANDS!) of hungry show-goers.

So, about those ingredients…we’re talking nearly 600 pounds of meat and accompaniments. And that’s before the rolls!

In total, we served up 6,400 cheesesteak samples to friends old and new, many who patiently waited in legit lines for their turn to taste the WOW! (and other products…).

It’s always a blast to see familiar faces and seasoned industry vets cruising the show floor, as well as to meet new friends and potential business partners.

Even Geno, the namesake of one of our hometown’s iconic ‘steak meccas, stopped by for a visit with our gang. (Great to hang, @genossteaks!)

Check out this quick time-lapse video that makes the set-up of our booth look a whole lot easier and faster than it really is:

See you next year at the 2018 NRA. Be sure to come hungry. We’ll be ready for you!