March is our favorite month. Why, you ask? Sure, spring is coming, baseball is getting started, March Madness is a blast…but most of all, it’s when we get to celebrate National Cheesesteak Day!

Once again this year, the big day falls on a weekend—specifically Sunday, March 24th.

Naturally, it’s a big deal in our hometown. But this is NATIONAL Cheesesteak Day. As long as you’ve got quality meat, cheese, and bread, you’re good to go, regardless of where the GPS says you are.

Get Prepared—We Can Help

Need some tips on the ingredients and/or technique? We got you covered: watch “How To Make A Real Philly Cheesesteak” here or on our YouTube channel. The Prep School feature here on our site has recipes and other ideas if you’re feeling bold in the kitchen.

You can also check out “Cheesesteaks Across America” where we highlight a dozen shops around the country (including here in the City of Brotherly Love) where you can quench your jones for an authentic ‘steak.

Join the Conversation

We’ll be tossing out some #CheesesteakDebate questions throughout the day so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can weigh in (so to speak).

Celebrate “The Legend”

And if you’re #HungryForHistory and want to brush up on your knowledge of cheesesteak lore—fun facts, colorful characters, and the story of how an icon has evolved—dig into our mini-doc “The Legend of the Philly Cheesesteak” which traces the story from humble beginnings to worldwide sensation.

Happy #NationalCheesesteakDay, fellow carnivores! Let’s gooooooo!!