People often have nicknames for their friends, family members, places they visit, even their cars and pets.

Here at Original Philly, employees are notorious for their various monikers for the production room floor. It’s the heart of our operation, a place in constant motion, always under scrutiny (for safety reasons), and where many of our team members spend a good portion of their days.

So, given its importance, as well as how often it’s talked about here at our headquarters and primary production facility, we thought it would be fun to give this special spot an official name. In fact, we decided to make it a contest, inviting anyone at Original Philly to share their ideas for what it should be called. The way we see it, it’s their office, and everyone here takes pride in their individual roles, helping to produce the most preeminent Philly steak in the world!

As expected, the ideas ran the gamut—from witty, to serious, to respectful, to downright wacky.  Most were short and sweet. Some were a mouthful. All were appreciated.

In the end, “The Chop Shop”—or, more specifically, “Nick & George’s Chop Shop”—was the winning selection. What a perfect way to represent this space, honoring the innovators of portioned sandwich steaks (and co-founders of Original Philly Cheesesteak Co. back in 1981), Nick Karamatsoukas & George Kontodemos.

We were proud to disclose the winning entry, and unveil the new sign that adorns the main entrance, at a company-wide gathering last month. Everyone in attendance also got a “Chop Shop” long-sleeved t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.

The name has almost instantly become part of our Original Philly jargon, and the shirts have become a popular “uniform” for folks on the production floor and in the offices.

In addition to the Chop Shop logo on the front that matches our sign, the back of the shirt features the phrase, “It’s All About Family”—a nod to the fact that, not only is our company still family-owned and operated, but we’re fortunate to have the commitment and loyalty of many long-time employees. Those who’ve joined us more recently are part of it, too.

We hope that Nick & George’s Chop Shop helps engender a sense of belonging for every single member of our team, as well as to customers, partners, and visitors alike. We’re grateful for their contributions to building something increasingly uncommon in the business world—a true family.