Another spring showcase in Chicago, and thousands more authentic Philly cheesesteak samples shared with hungry show-goers. It’s always a good time, and a surefire sign that summer can’t be far off.

As usual, we promised delicious cheesesteaks, and our team delivered! Nick and Gerard, in particular, handled the grill like champs—showing laser-like focus, undeterred by long lines, toasty temps, and clouds of swirling steam.

This year, we were thrilled to be back next to fellow Philly folks, the legendary Amoroso’s Bakery and their perfect sandwich rolls. It was also fun to have our new Tyson Foods family with us while we caught up with tons of other customers, industry reps, and foodies across all walks of life.

We’d do it every month if we could. But, alas, the NRA comes but once each year. So we’re determined to make it count!