We don’t make the investment in the NRA Show each year just for fun, but it’s hard not to have a good time. That said, it’s a serious show—the best of the best—and we’re always proud to go and let our products speak for themselves.

Leading up to each event, we’re always excited to imagine the new relationships we’ll make in Chicago. The National Restaurant Association—and its marquee show it calls “The International Foodservice Marketplace”—never disappoints.

As one attendee recently said about the NRA…

“I don’t know how you can be in our business and not want to come here and check out what’s going on. It’s fantastic.”
—Andrew Zimmern, Chef/Owner, AZ Canteen

Well said, Andrew. We concur.

We’d like to thank everyone (literally thousands of ’em!) who took the time to stop by our booth, sample a ‘steak, and talk to our team.

And a second, even louder “THANK YOU!” to our customers and partners—old and new—who we got to catch up with at the show. As you know, Original Philly is a business built around family, and you’re an essential part of our extended clan.