On Saturday, March 24th, legions of cheesesteak fanatics in every corner of the U.S. of A. will flock to their favorite local steak and pizza shops, delis, convenient stores, full service restaurants, and other eateries to celebrate this most worthy of designated National days.

In case you’re wondering, National Today tracks nearly 700 special days—including gems like Static Electricity Day (Jan. 9th) and Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19th…Arrr they serious?!) Okay, we’re hardly Switzerland here, but National Cheesesteak Day is definitely one of the most glorious. Am I right?

To help everyone gear up, we decided to take a 12-stop “virtual road trip” to find some of the top cheesesteak destinations from coast to coast (starting in our hometown, naturally). Take a quick spin with us to sample Cheesesteaks Across America—from Philly down to Florida, through Texas on the way west to see our friends at Boo’s in LA, then back across the Rockies and Midwest to where it all began…

So how will you indulge this year? Classic beef, American, and grilled onions? Chicken cheesesteak with provolone? Pizza steak? Cheesesteak hoagie? Mushrooms and peppers? Good ol’ Whiz wit’? No onions? No problem. You make the call!

For those DIYers out there who aspire to build their very own masterpiece at home, we tip our hats and invite you to check out this smart video to help guide you to the Promise Land.  (Our Prep School feature also has recipes and other tips if you’re game!)

However—and wherever—you partake, know Original Philly is right there with you…in spirit, and hopefully in the middle of your Amoroso or Liscio’s roll!

And, as always, there are generous ‘steak purveyors that will be offering free eats all around the country, so we urge you to do a bit of homework (Google + 30-60 seconds) to see what special happenings may be on tap in your neck of the woods.

Happy #NationalCheesesteakDay, amigos! Prepare to FEAST!