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The Original Philly Brand Story

Spreading The Love

Cheesesteaks make people happy. It’s an American icon— recognized and revered all over the world. And Original Philly brand is one of the reasons why.

Started in 1981, the Original Philly brand is a game-changer, a standard of quality, and a stamp of authenticity.

And, like the cheesesteak itself, the Original Philly brand story is one with humble beginnings, deep roots, and a bold spirit.

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Family, Firsts & Fueling a Global Phenomenon

Original Philly brand was founded by a duo of Greek immigrants in a converted garage, a half century after the initial creation of the “steak sandwich.”

As the popularity of cheesesteaks was exploding in and around the City of Brotherly Love four decades ago, pals Nicholas Karamatsoukas and George Kontodemos saw an opportunity to supply the area’s growing base of eateries with the local fave’s central ingredient: sliced steak.

Over the years, as a family-run business, Original Philly brand pioneered innovative manufacturing and distribution techniques, and introduced proprietary seasoning formulas for sliced beef and chicken that have become synonymous with authentic cheesesteak flavor and experience.

Raising The "Steaks"

In 2017, the stakes were raised (again). With the founding families—in their second generation—looking to the future, Original Philly brand joined the Tyson Foods roster of world-class brands—alongside fellow category leaders Steak-EZE and Philly Freedom brands, as well as household staples like Jimmy Dean, Ball Park, Sara Lee, Hillshire Farm brands, and others.

The cheesesteak’s rise continues to this day, with Original Philly brand helping a wide range of operators expand their menus and bring this working class delicacy to the hungry masses on multiple continents. And customers can go classic or creative—choosing Original Philly beef and chicken to amp up everything from omelettes and pizzas to quesadillas, egg rolls, and even salads.

Anywhere & Everywhere

The Original Philly brand is everywhere—from major dining and quick service chains, to theme parks and entertainment venues, schools and hospitals, convenience stores and wholesale clubs. We’re the meat of choice at your neighborhood pizza shops, delis, bowling alleys, and bars, too.

And in the city where it all got started, you’ll find Original Philly brand is the only steak served inside the stadiums and arena where our beloved hometown teams play. Need we say more?